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We offer a broad range of products made of real deerhorn. All handmade in Germany. Deerhorn antler buttons, buttons for leather trousers, parts for jewelry, deerhorn closures and accessories for your traditional costume and clothes.

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Important: We are currently closed and do not ship orders.
We are available in the meantime for request.
Thanks for your understanding and best regards.

Echt-Hirschhorn.de - SHOP You can order all antler buttons, carvings and jewelry online reasonably priced in our shop. »www.antler-crafts.com/shop«

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Antler buttonsLederhosenknöpfeÖsenknöpfeSonderformen - Herzen, Pilze, Scheiben, KronenknöpfeVerschlüsse - Knebel, Rauten, GürtelschließenReversschmuckHirschhornrosenSchmuckteile

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